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2018.04.20 update

What is Disassembly Hydraulic Excavator??

The substantial difference between Disassembly Hydraulic Excavator and standard Hydraulic Excavator is shape of the boom. The boom of General Hydraulic Excavator bent 90 degrees.Therefore, you cannot straighten out the boom.


However, the shape of disassembly Excavator is usually a straight boom to be able to reach more distant position so that they can disassemble high place of buildings and underground.
There are various types of booms for Disassembly use, such as "separate boom", "semi-long boom", "Two piece boom", "Three piece boom", "High lift", "Three-fold super long boom", and "Short reach".


Two Piece Arm is widely used. Two Piece Arm is a fuselage with one arm joining point. This boom makes possible to disassemble a high area (about 15m).




The lower part of the body has been strengthened thick steel plate, and it is protected by a frame like a bumper. The reason why the suspension is strengthened like this is because it is assumed to be used in the scene where crushed concrete scattered.


In addition, a head guard is for falling objects from the top and the front guard for protecting the driver.




Structure of Boom

The boom of the hydraulic excavator has a hollow structure with iron plates stuck together but the dismantled hydraulic excavator has a thicker steel plate so that the boom will not be damaged during its work.


In addition, a partition wall shaped steel plate is installed in the boom, and it is devised not to distort even if they hold a hard heavy gauze. Boom and arm are increased weld surface to eliminate unnecessary stress by sandblasting and heat treatment so they don’t break and be able to use safely for many years.


Hydraulic excavator with disassembly specification looks like a general hydraulic excavator at first glance. However, it evolved to be suitable for harsh dismantling site work, that’s why it has become such a different structure.




Attachment for Disassembly Hydraulic excavator

For dismantled hydraulic excavators are usually used with dedicated attachments such as "Cutter", "Breaker". Basically, they need to be attached depends on the diameter of the pin, the width of the arm tip, the number of pipes and specifications. Therefore, "the number of hydraulic piping" is one of the important points for selecting a hydraulic excavator.



The most useful type is five piping type. Usually disassembling specification hydraulic excavator has 2 piping as a standard installation, but in this case, they can only perform open / close operation.


On the other hand, 5 piping type can perform ‘turn’ in addition to open/close action. At the dismantling site, it is convenient to have a turning motion, therefore the needs of five piping models is very high.


In dismantling work, attachments are consumable due to frequent abrasion of concrete structures, cutting of steel frames and reinforcing bars.

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