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Recent Best Sell!

Do you wonder what kinds of trucks are popular all over the world? Today we would like to talk about which truck makers are popular with our customers! 

 1.      Isuzu ELF

We Isuzu Elf has been all time favourite among our customers, especially from South East Asia. The most popular model is NKR/NPR66 with 4HF1 or NKR/NPR71 with 4HG1 engine according to the sales record. Also, we have shipped out quite a lot of NKR/NPR81 with 4HL1 engine. This has been not really liked by all the customers, but we personally think the amount we expert will increase within this year, some areas are newly accepting this model.


Used 2003 ISUZU ELF for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 1998 ISUZU ELF for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

 2.      Fuso CANTER

We normally have many different models with different engines. We have found out that even in the same country, some areas prefer Fuso more than Isuzu. Many people who ride trucks say that Fuso’s engine has this strong sound and lasts longer than any other maker without too much trouble if you maintain well.

We ship Fuso trucks mainly to the Philippines and African countries. In both areas, engine start with 4D is popular. Those engines are non-electronic.


Used 2000 FUSO CANTER for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 1996 FUSO CANTER for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (


 3.      Isuzu FORWARD (FRR)

This is ISUZU 4 ton base truck. Forward is NO.3 in our selling. Many of you know, it has “Standard Cabin” and “Wide Cabin” for 4-ton trucks. We cannot see from the Model of the truck whether it has a Wide or Standard cabin. And here is how I remember for Forward. If they have only 2 wipers, it’s a Standard cabin. And if they have 3 wipers, then it’s a Wide cabin! Easy to check right? So when you want to know what kind of cabin they have on our website, you can check the number of wipers. This is the same for UD 4 ton trucks!


Used 2003 ISUZU FORWARD for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 2000 ISUZU FORWARD for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

4.      Fuso FIGHTER (FK)

This is also 4-ton truck. Also, there is something you need to consider when you purchase 4-ton trucks, whether it comes with a bed or not! You can check with the unit model. For example, FK7 series are without beds. FK6 series are with beds. Hope this tip with help you pick the units! For to check whether it’s a Wide cabin or a Standard cabin, you need to see the actual unit for Fuso.


Used 2008 FUSO FIGHTER for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 2003 FUSO FIGHTER for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

 5.      Isuzu GIGA

This big strong truck is always my favourite, and happy that this was on the list, even its 5th! In my opinion, 10-wheeler is the most popular one, and after that is 12-wheeler then 8-wheeler among our customers. You can just tell by the unit model code. CYL is 10-wheeler, CYJ is 12-wheeler, and CXG is 8 wheeler! I want to talk about the advantages of having GIGA 12-wheeler. Big 12 wheels give a stable drive for drivers and cargos. Also, the price is a little bit more affordable than other 10-wheeler and 8-wheelers depending on the models.


Used 2013 ISUZU ISUZU for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 2005 ISUZU ISUZU for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

Used 1996 ISUZU ISUZU for sale | YAMADA SHARYO (

 That was the top 5 trucks which we have sold recently. There are more trucks with different makes, so if you want to know the tips of how to pick the ideal truck just by checking the model, let me know! We will write another blog on that 😊 Have a nice day everyone!

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